Canadian Rambles

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The vastness of Canada is difficult if not impossible to define. Its unique character, apart from the beauty and wilderness aspect, is too often neglected and often lumped together with its United States neighbour. Through yearly rambles, both walking and driving, I will document the country as I find it, revealing a true sense of distinctiveness that sets it apart from other countries. Canada is a diverse, magical, and unique place. It is so much more than the beautiful landscape already well documented in books and calendars. A variety of distinct and unique people shape Canada’s rural and urban character, which is historically different from anywhere else in the world.

Although this series was technically started in 2023, it has been in the works and in my mind for many years, not being fully defined until recently. Any serious photographer understands that photography is a multi-year learning experience with many failures being evident in your first 10,000 photographs. A greater clarity comes from working through those thoughts, feelings and emotions in the subject matter that appeals to us during the learning process. It is only after a commitment to doing the work that one begins to see the greater possibilities of what photographs can become, both individually and collectively. Canadian Rambles comes out of this realization as both a challenge and commitment.

“You could spend a lifetime happily visiting Canadian places.”
Armando Romano 1984
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