Ghiaccio and Acqua (Ice and Water)

9 images Created 1 Jun 2022

Everything in life including water is made up of molecules. Because of water’s motion the liquid molecules contain more energy than solid particles. Water by nature is colour less, yet takes on the colours of atmospheric light. Large and deep-water bodies are bluer in colour, not because of the skies reflection but because the density of water blocks out all the red wavelength of light and only reflects the blue wavelength. Shallow water bodies and running rivers are less dense than large water bodies and allow more reflection of colours.

As water becomes colder the energy level is reduced. The molecules move slower and at 0 degrees Celsius they stick together and form a solid. Even though water freezes as a solid the slower moving molecules are still moving and changing form. This explains why photographing ice formations can be different and always changing from day to day.

Photographing ice and flowing water is absolutely captivating because of the opportunity to arrest beauty that is always fleeting and changing. The capturing of beauty in nature is sometimes at odds with the arts world, which at times discriminates against pure landscape photographs, considering them banal and repetitive. Beauty in the natural world is becoming more and more rare in today’s world and it is my intention with this project to capture in an eyewitness fashion this beauty found in a purity of ice and water. Beauty in nature stops us and captivates us and photography allows us to capture a moment in time and appreciate the natural world. The photograph is a means to share these special moments between the photographer and his audience.
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