Lake in the Shadow

37 images Created 15 Jul 2019

The project shows the two parallels of today’s Lake Ontario the sense of a still present beauty and one of ecological misuse. I wanted to document the lake to illustrate the continued abuse of the shoreline, contrasting this with the remaining areas of natural beauty. Being made in black and white, this serves to democratize the field, not allowing the beauty to overwhelm the abusive or destructive scenes present in the photographs.

The importance of this lake to Canadians cannot be underestimated as 9 million people or over a quarter of the total Canadian population depend on their drinking water from this lake. The shoreline of any lake provides the biggest concentration of ecological diversity, playing an important influence in the health of the waters. As urbanization increases has our society recognized a need to balance ecological integrity with recreational and industrial needs? Urbanization of the shoreline clashes sharply with the preservation of water quality and too many Canadians take the waters of Lake Ontario for granted. To maintain a clean and abundant resource of fresh water from Lake Ontario there needs to be a greater attention to the reestablishment of natural shorelines, not a greater emphasis on urban development or human centered recreational development.
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