Moments of Cold Vigor

16 images Created 20 Apr 2024

Ice forms and melts, a temporary beauty amongst the rapidity of weather.
Jewels of ice take form, to be awakened and shaped by water.
Ebbs and flows, created in the sculpture of the moment.

Lakes, rivers and streams play a part in the cold vigor - an evolution of season and altered time.

Cold Vigor reflects a connection with change, and a constant state of movement. Moments of Life are always passing, never the same. Fleeting moments reflecting in the birth and death of evolving ice. Nature reminds us that everything is temporary, that change is the only certainty, and everyday brings a small but important evolution.

The reality of todays climate change is fewer days of cold vigor and a sad reduction in the natural beauty of ice jewels. This is a tragic loss for all, but especially for those who dare explore these natural treasures with a camera.
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