Torontonians 2016-2022

18 images Created 28 Feb 2023

Torontonians is a series of candid documentary photographs of people on the streets of Toronto. It is an unexpected series of photographs that took shape during my financial district series, Transitory Inhabitants. It came into being because of m wider ranging walks through the bigger downtown area of Toronto, outside of the financial district. On these walks I began to accumulate photographs of interesting people either on there own or interacting and moving with others. More and more of these candid photographs were made over the time frame from 2016 to 2023. I decided to create this series in colour and to conscientiously step back from subjects in order to capture more of the surrounding streets. This move to colour was a much-needed challenge as it forced me to work harder and change my way of seeing. Up to this point I had been working and thinking in largely a black and white context.
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