Unspoiled Places

15 images Created 6 Dec 2021

Canada is a fortunate country in that it still has many unspoiled natural places. This series shows my favourite landscape photographs from journeys across the country over the years captured with my camera.
Beauty has been largely dismissed as derivative, literal and even eye candy in the art world of photography. Showing exhibitions and large prints of the beautiful landscape is considered in many cases as being too banal to warrant gallery space. The art world is more interested in the abstract, in the unique and altered natural landscape than in showing a true documentation of earth’s beauty. Yet, the true beauty of the natural world is what stops many of us to look and notice. It is a mental breath of fresh air and a way of connecting to something spiritual inside us. Because of the changes and alteration of the natural world by society, this appreciation of nature should take on a bigger emphasis than ever before. Photography that is considered art needs to greater reflect the awe and wonder that has inspired humans for generations and is more important today than ever before as we come to grips with our degradation of the world and a dangerously changing climate. Although we deny the need to connect, to understand and act as part of the natural world, this denial of beauty is slowly lifting. I see more and more people wanting to experience and take refuge in nature. Perhaps the art world’s pre-occupation with man-made and altered landscapes is a reflection of a past and a denial of the importance of the natural world, so prevalent in a society facing and still largely in contradiction of environmental degradation.
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